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Thread: Submitting To So Called High PR Article Directories

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    Submitting To So Called High PR Article Directories

    On another forum all I hear is the regurgitated advice about posting on High PR Websites. First of all let's get something straight - a website does not have a PR, only pages do. Many still seem to think that article directories such as ezinearticles, articlesbase, and the rest are top article directories and you "need" to submit to them.

    Not only is this bad advice but you are risking your reputation. These sites are filled with poor content. Even if you submit an article that is high quality you are still risking your reputation because you submitted that high quality content to a adsense content farm filled with low quality garbage articles. This instantly devalues your content.

    Let's look at an article on EZA which was just posted on Oct 12th and is showing on the front page of EZA at the time of this post.

    Is this article high quality ? I think not, it is very low quality and here are the stats to prove it.

    The screenshot is from a tool that is inside my article marketing tools website members area. This tool is used for my authors to scan and grade their content. It also can be used to scan and grade competition content such as the low quality article on EZA.

    This article has the following stats:

    7.3 grade level - Really a poor grade level because most articles should be between 8th - 10th grade level.

    454 total number of words - Again pretty poor because any article should be no less than 500 words. Ideally articles should be between 800 - 1200 words.

    182 total significant words - Very poor, what this is the actual number of words minus the stop words. Search engines ignore stop words so what Google sees on this page is 182 words.

    40% Ratio - Again very poor due to the fact that he has well over 250 stop words. Your article ratio should be no less than 50%.

    Now let's look at his keywords because there are some serious issues here. His top keywords as Google would see it is "ideas" "mind" "come" which has nothing to do with the title of the article which is - Creativity in Business - Creative Ideas

    On his 2 keyword phrases he does have creative ideas but look at the other 2 keyword phrases. This tells the search engine just how poor quality this article really is. He only mentioned creativity once in his article, the rest he tried to keyword stuff his resource box with.

    I am not going to give ezinearticles any link juice but here is the article if you want to check it yourself (just remove the spaces) http:// Ezine Articles .com / 7331026

    I promise you I could find 1,000's of others articles just like this one on eza, articlesbase, and the rest of those so called top article directories. This is why they keep dropping in the rankings and losing keywords, not to mention all the ads and links on the pages.

    Do you really think this does your reputation or your websites reputation any good ??? I think not! It's possible that this particular author just threw this article together for the so called backlink. Fact is his backlink is worthless because of where it is posted.

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    Re: Submitting To So Called High PR Article Directories

    Yep that is about the quality (or lack thereof) that one would expect from ezine articles. Glad I learned how to create quality content and post quality content when I joined marketers domination. Content scanner tool from MD is one of the most used tools in my article writing toolkit

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