Countless companies use ink for printer

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The internet truly contains a wealth of information. It really is better than any library in history. If you wanted to, you could even watch a real time webcam broadcast of the statue of liberty or the Eiffel tower! Seeing isn't always good enough, though. Sometimes you just have to go somewhere in person.
No, you can't print out those live webcams. You can, however, print some maps and driving directions to get you where you want to be as fast as possible. With a USB cable or a MiniSD card, you can even print photos from your digital camera.
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Did you notice how popular EBooks have been getting? The days of snuggling up to the fireplace with a good book are coming to a close. Within the next decade, you'll likely start to see your favorite paperback or hardcover books in digital format. Bet you didn't know the same thing is happening with newspaper and magazines. It's all Amazon's fault. Where did they even get the idea for digital books, anyway?
Believe it or not, the digital dominance hasn't spread to the average consumer yet. Home printers are not showing any indications of decline. Even with countless technological innovations, traditional paper and ink is still considered the best. It's really a shame that brand printer ink is so pricey. At least generic ink for printer comes with a fair price tag.

There's still one advantage that brick and mortar stores have over online retailers. When you check out, you get a printed receipt. The receipt that's generated doesn't exist anywhere but in the magic world of the internet. Try showing your IRS agent a bunch of zeros and ones instead of a receipt. You've got to print your receipts out.
This is where generic ink proves its value. If you can't tell a difference between generic ink for printer and brand ink, there's a good reason for that. There are virtually no differences. They are pretty much the same product with different prices.

Don't you think it's incredible that you can just go online and buy some cheap ink for printer ? Of course, everyone knows you can get stuff a lot cheap online than in a store. Can't figure out how these online stores are selling so cheap? They have little overhead and a heap of competition. They also know that you'll be looking at the cost of shipping, too. They have to lower both to satisfy you, the customer.
If you're paying an arm and a leg for shipping, you're getting a raw deal. You should be saving a substantial amount by buying online at a website store.

Source: Countless companies use ink for printer

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