Your Christmas Wrapping Paper Style

Christmas wrapping paper is a tradition in many families. Nothing gets people in the holiday spirit like a box covered in smiling Santa's or ice-skating penguins. It's no surprise that different people have different tastes in Christmas gift wrap, some love it gaudy or cute, some like it tastefully coordinated, and some people would rather skip the whole thing altogether. What is your Christmas gift wrapping style?

Do you consider wrapped gifts to be part of your holiday decor? A lot of people like to put up their Christmas tree at the beginning of December or even earlier, and then start adding wrapped gifts right away. A tree surrounded by presents can light up a room, especially when the gifts are all decorated to coordinate.

You can achieve this Martha Stewart-like effect by choosing two or three different basic papers and buying ribbon and bows in coordinating colors and patterns. Try to keep it simple, and avoid too many patterns that may clash. Solid colors and subtle patterns are easier to match and blend. If you have a lot of presents to wrap, you may want to consider buying wrapping paper and bows in bulk.

Do you love cute patterns on your Christmas wrapping paper? There are so many adorable papers out there, with penguins and polar bears and Santa himself dancing across them. Variety can really liven things up, and your presents don't all have to match in order to look great. For some people, a living room strewn with a dozen different patterns of paper is truly nostalgic. After all, it's not the paper that's really important anyway.

Do you get easily frustrated with wrapping paper? Not everyone can take a box, a bow, and a flat piece of paper and turn it into a masterpiece. Sometimes you just can't get the creases right, the box slides around, and all you have at the end is a crumpled mess.

If you're tired of losing the scissors and tape, or you're all thumbs with a roll of paper, gift bags are your friend. Put the gift inside, add some lightly crumpled tissue paper on top, and you have a beautiful gift. Gift bags save a lot of time and energy and can be a lifesaver when you are busy.

Do you hate wrapping paper? Some people get tired of the mess, others cringe at the waste of paper that comes with Christmas. It's true that covering gifts with yards of paper isn't exactly earth friendly. Fortunately there are companies that make gift wrap out of recycled paper, which you are then encouraged to recycle.

For the less paper-handy among us, there are also recycled paper gift bags, and some online stores even carry cloth gift bags that can be used for years. Another no-wrap solution is include an inexpensive tote bag, backpack, or other bag-type item in your gift, and use that to hide the real surprise. Once you find a method of wrapping presents that suits you, embrace it!

Source: Your Christmas Wrapping Paper Style

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