There comes a time in every carpet's life when it needs deep cleaning and not just surface vacuum cleaning. While vacuuming does the job for regular maintenance, dirt and other particles will eventually sift down to the bottom of the carpet and will stick to the fibres as they turn oily. The oil forms through a natural process called oxidation, and it happens to every single carpet. That's why getting professional carpet cleaning every 6 to 8 months will help preserve your carpet investment. Here are the three advantages of regularly having your carpet maintained:

1. Extend your carpet's lifespan
A well-maintained carpet will last a lot longer and will save you the cost of buying a new one too often. By extending its service life, you can make the most out of your investment.

2. Remove track marks from traffic
Even the most resilient and durable carpets will eventually show track marks, whether they're in low traffic or high traffic areas. With a cleaning method called bonnet cleaning, the fibres can be restored to a more natural and visually appealing appearance.

3. Restore the carpet's look and feel
No one likes a carpet that feels sticky and looks faded. With the right cleaning methods, you can have your carpet looking and feeling brand new. You'll even have neighbours asking you where you got your new carpet.

When choosing a carpet cleaning company, be sure to ask them about their cleaning methods and whether they're good for your type of carpet. Always choose a service provider that's licensed, insured, and certified.

Resource: 3 Reasons Why Your Carpet is Begging for Deep Cleaning

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