Choosing a new carpet can be a fairly large investment. That's why it's important to know what different kinds of carpets are available and which one best suits your needs and your lifestyle. There are carpets that are very soft and comfy but need a lot of maintenance which makes it unsuitable for homes with pets or with children but there are also carpets that are resistant to spoiling or marking. Loop carpets are popular for homes with high traffic because they have loop fibers that are all of the same height, helping ensure that tracks aren't left behind.

Here are other types of carpets that you may be interested in choosing from:

1. Saxony
Saxony carpets give a soft and velvety look but it also endures high traffic because of its firmly twisted tufts. It's great for enhancing spaces that may receive a lot of traffic but still needs to look warm and inviting, like business establishments. The heavy yarn version is often used for homes but the textured version is more popular for commercial applications.

2. Multi-level loop
Multi-level loop carpets are similar to loop carpets but its loops are of different heights. This helps create a textured appearance. This carpet looks more luxurious than a regular loop carpet and is better for use in low traffic areas because it's more also more prone to track marks.

3. Velvet carpet
Velvet carpets look lush, elegant, and have a velvety shimmer that would look great in any room. It's perfect for formal settings but like most formal carpets, they don't hide tracks very well and need a lot of maintenance.

There are plenty more carpet types to choose from. Finding the right fit for you is the key to having a long lasting carpet and a good return of investment. Also, by having your carpet regularly cleaned via professional carpet cleaning Rock Hill SC, you can go a long way in extending its service life.

Resource: Choosing From Different Types of Carpets

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