As we all know building website links is a very important part of marketing your website. Anchor text links with your keywords embedded in those links will help your search engine rankings. Is this really enough though ? Can your site really survive just by building links ?

Simply put the answer is No!

In the marketing arena there are 1,000's of marketers selling link building services or selling some product that helps you build links to your websites. What many of these marketers forget though is the On-Site Seo of the website you are building links for.

There are many factors in determining the rank of a website and backlinks alone will not keep you at the top. Even if you manage to get a top position how do you think your website will perform for your visitors ? On-Site SEO is for far more than just search engines, it is also for your website users.

If you have a unfriendly site then your top listing will not help much if your visitors are just leaving as soon as they get to your site. That's right you will lose your conversions due to the fact you do not have proper On-Site SEO implemented.

Listed below are some of the top On-Site SEO tactics that many forget about or just never bother with putting it into their websites.

* Failure to have contact information for the visitor to follow up with you. You do not need to have a full contact us form although it would help. You could instead place your social media profiles on your site so your visitor can continue to follow you. This could be your twitter account, Facebook account, or other social media website you are active on.

* Failure to have proper 404 pages or redirects when a page is not found. By default wordpress shows a 404 not found page but this is not the best in the world to use. Your 404 should either redirect to similar information or to an actual page that has a search and related links on it.

* Failure to have proper navigation within the site. Ever been to a site and just did not know how to go "home" ? Well think of how your visitor feels when they get lost and do not know where to go. This is why it is important for pages to have related links, a home link, and a contact us link. Never let your visitor get lost and always provide a way home.

At the least your navigation (header, footer, or side) should have links for HOME | CONTACT US | PRIVACY | TERMS | DISCLAIMER (disclaimer is not needed for all sites).

* Related links within your content using your sub keywords. This not only helps visitors get more related information but it helps your rankings with the search engines. This is a very important step that should never be over looked.

* Making sure your images have ALT Tags and your links have a Title Tag. This helps both the search engines and the visitors and this is imperative to have for access disability. For example your visitor may be blind and my having the tags they will know what images are showing and what your links are for.

You can add keywords in the tags to help with search rankings but also use them for short descriptions. This way you are keeping both visitors and search engines happy.

There is more to On-Site SEO but these are some of the basics that you should have. Link building without having On-Site SEO is like trying to build a computer with duck tape and copper wire, it just does not work. When you have your On-Site SEO in place then you want to start building links to your site by applying proper article marketing tools.

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