Are you looking for reliable carpet cleaning Rock Hill SC services? Choosing a carpet cleaning company is really a matter of choosing the right carpet cleaning method. A lot of carpet cleaners use outdated methods like steam cleaning that has the potential to damage your carpet investments with too much exposure to moisture or to temperatures that are too high. While steam cleaning used to be effective enough, it's not a great solution for newer carpets that are made with water-based glue that can't withstand too much heat or moisture. That's why bonnet cleaning is becoming the preferred cleaning method for modern carpets.
Bonnet cleaning uses a rotary brush and a carbonated solution to naturally lift the deep-seated dust and dirt hidden in carpets. Once they rise to the surface, they are easily removed without damaging the fibres of the carpet. It is a fast drying method that will have your carpet ready in as little as 20 to 25 minutes; and it requires very little moisture. Pounds of dust and dirt have been removed from carpets using this method. And unlike other carpet cleaning methods, bonnet cleaning can also restore a carpet's appearance by evening out the fibres between the high-traffic areas and the low-traffic areas.
Carpet cleaning Rock Hill SC that use bonnet cleaning as its method are available but make sure that they are licensed and insured before you hire them. Bonnet cleaning is very effective when done properly but can damage your carpets when done by unlicensed and inexperienced people, just as with other carpet cleaning methods.

Resource: Bonnet Cleaning for Carpet Cleaning Rock Hill SC

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