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Thread: The Marketing Gurus Lied To You

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    The Marketing Gurus Lied To You

    That's right, they lied, tricked and scammed you into believing you could make a lot of money just by submitting your articles to a bunch of article directories!

    Guess Why?

    Because THEY do NOT want competition in their niches!

    So What is the truth and how can I get traffic?

    The truth is that search engines like Google use more than 200 factors to index a website, and the more of these 200 factors you have on your website, the greater chance you will get on the first page.

    So what can you do to really get traffic from search engines?

    Discover what the major factors are and how you can get your articles to REALLY drive traffic!

    The first hint is: The keywords you use in your content, but NOT the way you think! The secret to indexing is in SEMANTICS!

    Read more about how you can get real semantically related keywords in your content and how to really do the on-page and off-page SEO you need for true indexing on the first page of Google.

    Pick up this report on the Post panda update to learn how to market your products in 2012! Learn WHAT you need to know to achieve the 200 factors, and get your sites ranked on Google.

    Post Panda Article Marketing

    Included in this report is a link to a great article software tool at no cost!

    Go Now and get the report and tools to build your business (Remember, these are at no cost to you!) It is our gift to help you build your business.

    Post Panda Article Marketing

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    Re: The Marketing Gurus Lied To You

    Having just read this report I can certainly say that it has been an eye opener. There is a lot of very good information and it will definitely change the way you look at your article marketing strategy.
    This is a reccommended read for all.


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    Re: The Marketing Gurus Lied To You

    Excellent Report! Some marketers would charge for this kind of information. I would have to agree with Kim, Highly Recommended!

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