Now that the Nintendo Wii U has been officially unravelled does this mean the end of the Wii. Well according to the powers that be both of these consoles will coexist together. So if this is the case then what exactly is the difference between the wii and the wii u.

The latest wii u console has been presented as an eight generation one which suggests that the older wii has become outdated. This is not actually the case as there are many features that both of these consoles share.

There are some significant differences between the two, leading to many improved features. The Nintendo Wii U specifications are certainly impressive and there have been big changes across the board. The wii u comes with a brand new and much more powerful processor and a new updated graphics card.

Whereas the original wii had a power pc based broadway CPU the newer version comes packed with an IBM power architecture based multi core CPU. The graphics card inside the Nintendo wii is an ATI Hollywood GPU and although good does not have the ability to play HD games which are the norm today. The wii u has a custom made AMD Radeon HD GPU, ready to play all of the latest HD releases from the major games companies.

The graphics card is the major change between the two consoles and the specs have changed in a big way in this area. In fact this new Nintendo system is the first one to support 1080p high definition graphics so gives it a visible edge over it's competitors.

As well as full HD the AMD graphics card also supports other video modes, these include 1080i, 720p, 480p and 480i. As well as the better graphics with this card you will also more distinctive colours and even more improved dynamics.

Another of the main differences between the wii and the wii u is in the accessory department. The new controller for the wii u has taken all of the best bits from it's predecessor and added to it. This includes the 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope allowing it to sense movement in three dimensions. The added extras are a more advanced design and a 6.2 inch 16:9 resistive touchscreen.

The good thing about the touchscreen is that it gives you a chance to follow the game and view the action from a second standpoint. What is more important is that even if your TV is turned off you can still continue playing with just the controller. In addition to the standard buttons you can also use the touchscreen with a stylus which will be included in the package.

Finally an important thing to note is that the new console is backwards compatible with the older version. This means that not only can you use all of the existing wii accessories you have with the new system all of the games that you already own can still be played as well. It certainly looks as though the new Nintendo wii u will be up there with the best games consoles on the market and it will be interesting to see the launch price later this year.

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