Article marketing is one of the easiest ways to actually generate an income online but using the best article directory varies based on opinions. Many will just assume that the article directory with the highest page rank or highest alexia rank is the best.

This is not actually true, many different factors come into play that people do not think about due to listening to so called experts. Listed below I will cover some of the factors that many should consider before deciding what really is the best article directory. Read closely and you may actually learn that the best is not always the one that some self proclaimed experts said it is.

Consider these questions when you are deciding what article directory to use and what will work best for you and your business when syndicating your articles. As with all things online just because one sites works good for one person does not mean it will work good for someone else.

* What does the article directory offer you as an author ??

If all an article directory offers you is the ability to post an article on their adsense filled pages then you should seriously consider before deciding this is one of your top article directories. Basically ask yourself this "What's In It For Me To Add My High Quality Content To Your Site ?".

* How much competition is already in that Article Directory ??

If the article directory is already bogged down with major competition for your same niche then is this really going to help you and should this be considered a top article directory for you. In reality the less competition the higher traffic you can get, especially if this same article directory is doing massive marketing and not just depending upon you to bookmark your own articles.

* Are my articles going to get a lower click-thur rate due to adsense ads ??

You need to seriously consider this before deciding if an article directory is the best article directory for you. Some of these directories slam ads left and right and even add links in the body of your articles. So you must ask yourself if this is going to hurt your clicks and sales any. Here is a hint - "research proves that you will get less clicks due to possible customers being distracted by other links".

* What else does the article directory offer that could save me time and money ??

It is important to combine as many sources as possible to save you money in the long run and if you can do 3 things on 1 site vs joining 3 different sites then you must consider this before deciding if any article directory would make your top list of article directories.

This is based on deciding what you think the top article directories are for you. You should be syndicating your articles to other sites but at the same time you need to decide what is best for your business and not rely upon just alexa rank and PR .. The fact that Alexa Rank and PR means nothing should tell you something.

This is something that you really need to decide for yourself after all it really depends upon what you are after. For example: Do you really see a need to pay one site $47 a month for this service and then a 2nd site $27 a month for that service and then a 3rd site $37 a month for another service. Or would it be beneficial to you to pay one website $29 a month that covers all the same services plus has many more article tools and benefits.

Would you rather have an article directory that has ads slapped all over the place (including in your article body) or would you rather have a 100% ad free article directory that does not distract your possible customers ?? Would you rather deal with an article directory that does nothing at all to help you succeed or one that actually advertises your articles and helps you succeed ??

See these are things that only you can answer and nobody can really decide this for you, especially not some so called expert.

One such article directory that does offer many tools all in one website is one of the best article directories online as no other site can even match or compare to the massive exposure and tools you get. Marketers Domination offers more tools, more benefits, more syndication possibilities for your business.

The entire point of this post is take your time and factor in the many many different things when you decide what are your top article directories. Articles Base may be great for one person but does not mean it will be for everyone...

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