I know that the article spinning debate has went on for some time now and you have those that do not understand what proper spinning is and they are the first to say spinning articles only produces garbage. This is not a factual statement but a statement of ignorance of someone that does not understand proper article spinning.

Content spinning has went on for year before the internet became popular and it will continue to go on for years to come. The problem here is many get it into their heads that creating spun articles means replacing words with a pre-set database of words. This is not what article spinning is about and those that tell you otherwise are wrong.

Personally I would not use any junk article spinning software on the market and that includes jetspinner, the so called best spinner, and etc. These tools do nothing but replace words and discourage the author from actually writing their own articles. Most of the time these tools do nothing but produce garbage that many mass submit and spam article directories with.

Using a human controlled content rewriter on the other hand is something that is 100% different than what those junky tools offer. When you are using a human controlled spinner then you are in control as every single word in your content is written by you the author. This helps you keep control of quality and format both within your content and thus produces high quality spun articles.

In order to produce high quality spun articles you need to use human controlled tools. These tools are offered by Marketers Domination as part of a suit of exclusive article marketing tools. You can use these online tools (no downloads required) to produce spun content that can be 80%+ in uniqueness with little trouble.

There is a great deal that goes into writing high quality articles and for some tips on formatting articles you can read the following threads:

To create high quality spun content you should have access to the following tools which again are offered by Marketers Domination article marketing tools membership.

* Article Spinner : Spin an article to create many from one article. Marketers Domination is unique and does not use synonyms, curly braces or a thesaurus, fully human controlled for effective articles. Writing and rewriting your article in a format that is spun automatically makes it easier for you to produce multiple articles from just one article. You control the keywords, the content and the outcome of each spun article.

* Language Analyzer: Exclusive online software tool that helps you identify the correct synonyms, acronyms, and other related words that you should apply to your content. Marketers Domination language database employs the entire human language (over 800,000 words) and reveals related words from the very root of that word. The language analyzer helps you improve your articles by applying related keywords to your content.

Once you have your article written then you can take some of the key phrases and put them into the language analyzer to find semantically related key phrases that you could use in the rewrite of your article. You would take these key phrases and write them down on a text document.

When you have all the key phrases you need then you will take each paragraph of your article and rewrite that paragraph so it means the same thing but reads differently. For example if I was writing about the best article marketing forum to use then I would have 3 version of my 1st paragraph read like the following.

Original - If you're looking for ways to increase and expand your business, submitting content to an article marketing forum may just be the ticket. You should submit your content to one that offers information that has been proven with article marketing. This is also going to help you increase your marketing tactics as well.

ReWrite 1 - One of the best and yet overlooked ways to grow your business is by contributing to an article marketing forum. You should only submit content to a forum with quality information and advice on article marketing as you want to be seen to be mingling in the right circles. The knock on effect of this is that you will also pick up some new marketing tactics along the way.

ReWrite 2 - If you are looking for new ways to reach your customers and increase the size of your business, then you may want to begin submitting content to a high quality article marketing forum. You want to find a forum that delivers high quality information about article marketing, as this will also help you develop new strategies for your own business.

Notice how these all relay the same message but are written differently, these paragraphs are not replacing a word here and there like those junk spinners do. These paragraphs are written by me with the help of the language analyzer tool. You want to do the same with each and every paragraph you have in your article or written content.

I suggest writing at least 3 - 5 rewrites for each paragraph, doing this will give you a very high uniqueness score on your spun articles. Once you have written your extra paragraphs then you can use the human controlled spinner to spin articles. I am not going to go into the full details of how to use the article spinner inside Marketers Domination because there is a full length video in the members are that explains this.

The bottom line here is that this will produce high quality spun articles without using any junk article spinning software or questionable article spinning service. All content will be created and written by you as the author which is what you want for proper rankings. You will end up with 15 or 20 high quality proper spun articles that you can then use for your marketing strategy.

By spinning your content with a human controlled spinner you now have the ability to create mini ebooks to give away, creating blog posts, create pdf's to upload on sites such as scribd.com, and many other ways to re-purpose your content.

If you would like to try out a human controlled spinner for free then you can visit the Free Article ReWriter Tool website that will walk you through the steps on spinning an article the proper way way.

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