Newer Automobile owners are happy to know that maintenance milestones are now wider apart for service maintenance. Compared to the cars that we used to drive, cars now require no more maintenance than a refrigerator, but that doesn't mean that it requires no maintenance at all. Even the newest cars need scheduled service for optimum functionality and to assure the highest maintenance safety standards. Surprisingly, despite the relative ease of the maintenance that modern cars need, a lot of drivers still neglect servicing their cars and make a lot of common mistakes.
Note common mistakes that New Automobile Owners make regarding car maintenance:
1.Oil Change Timing
Oil changes used to be needed for every 3,000 miles, but with the advances that we have in engine design and synthetic oils, the oil change mark has become varied. Be sure to know when your car is due for an oil change. You can find this information in the car manual or by contacting your Auto Repair Specialist. Some cars need an oil change after 5 000 miles while others can last for 15,000 miles. Be sure to follow the indicated schedule by the manufacturer.

2.Tire Replacement
Yes, tires need to be replaced when they're worn out; but keep in mind that they also time out. You can't keep using tires indefinitely as long as they're still good and thick. The tire industry states that tires are designed to last for five years. If you've been using the same tires for seven years, it's safe to say that they're due for replacement.

3.Dirty Air Filter
Air filter maintenance is all about conditions which is why you need to check filters regularly. This may be true even if it isn't scheduled for replacement. Driving with greater amounts of dirt or dust in the air will clog up your car's air filter. Springtime Pollen will also plug your filters rendering them less effective. Clogged or semi-clogged air filters will diminish fuel efficiency and engine performance plus adding more demand of your transportation budget.

A good economic and safety rule: An Ounce of Maintenance Is worth a Pound of Cure! For car repair Rock Hill SC, Eagle Classics Auto Repair Shop is a recommended specialist.

Resource: Common Automobile Maintenance Mistakes

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