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    So, in a couple of weeks we will have our income tax refund and because we are so poor, it's usually pretty big. It's how we survive through Spring.

    Anyway, we're going to use it to pay off a few small things and pay our car insurance for 6 months, stuff like that. But, there's also going to be enough for me to FINALLY get a computer!

    It's bad enough to have to deal with dial-up but my computer is at least 10 years old and so it spends a lot its time thinking about things.

    So, I was hoping to get some advice.
    I don't want a lap top. I have a monitor that's fairly new that someone gave me, so my thoughts are, I just need a tower. I mean, even though our refund is pretty big, I don't want to spend all of it on a computer. I just need the basics.


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    Re: Finally!

    Don't rule out a laptop just yet.

    You can always go dual monitors with the laptop to your desktop monitor.

    Then, you'll have the laptop to take to a "faster connection location", like the library, for those times you need more bandwidth.

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    Re: Finally!


    When I go to the library, my son takes his laptop. But, it's rare that he's doing something for me, like when I'm adding a new video to my site. If I go with him, I just use the library computers to piddle while he's doing whatever I need done. And that's rare in and of itself. I haven't been to the library in 6 months. He goes by himself.
    My question is directed more to a company and/or a brand that I could get a tower from.

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    Re: Finally!

    Go check out Wal-Mart as you will find some good deals on computers. Personally I would take a HP tower over a laptop any day of the week.

    eMachines Black EL1358G-51w Desktop PC with AMD Athlon II X2 Dual-Core 220 Processor, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 7 Home Premium (Monitor Not Included)


    Dell Black Inspiron i560-3102NBK Desktop PC with Intel Pentium E6700 Processor, 21.5" Monitor, 1TB Hard Drive and Windows 7 Home Premium

    Dell Computer

    Personally I would go after an HP computer because I think they are supported better. eMachines the only thing you need to watch for is the motherboards. After doing research on emachines I found out that the processor has an "unusual high failure rate". I put that is quotes because that is exactly what the website said about the processor used in emachines.

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    Re: Finally!

    Thank you!

    I have a lot to consider.

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