The internet marketing strategy guide is one massive internet marketing plan that has been laid out step by step for you. This marketing guide will take you through marketing steps on how to effectively market your website and get the best results for your time and efforts.

You will not find any fluff in the strategy guide like you do with so many ebooks and marketing plans. Everything is listed in a detailed and easy to understand format that you can easily follow and implement. This internet marketing strategy guide will put 20 ebooks to shame due to the fact that everything has been tested and proven and there is no fluff.

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The first section which gives you a full detailed marketing plan is over 3,700 words long. It gives examples, diagrams and more. I decided to not stop with just a marketing plan though because I feel this should be an ongoing discussion. The marketing plan is located in the secret forum which also has many other goodies and downloads.

Internet Marketing Strategy Guide Section 1 - Your Marketing Plan

Full detailed marketing plan that explains about content, articles, syndication, and article marketing. This marketing plan will take you step by step on how to do proper article marketing and how to properly get the best results out of your content. With over 3,700 words it goes into great details and shows examples along with diagrams.

Internet Marketing Strategy Guide Section 2 - The Lost Tube

This 1,400+ word long post will take you through steps of how to get the most out of youtube. It will discuss many things about youtube that no other marketer would dare tell you due to they would be scared of you being their competition.

Internet Marketing Strategy Guide Section 3 - Is Your Shelf Full Of Dust

This 1,000+ word long post will take you through steps of how to get the most out of scribd. It will discuss step by step on setting up your account and how to go about creating your PDF files for the document sharing site. This should be a ongoing discussion for those that participate in the thread.

Internet Marketing Strategy Guide Section 4 - Link Juice Structures

This 1,000+ word long post will take you step by step to explain the ultimate linking structure. It will show you proven linking strategies that have been tested over many months. You will see exactly why I teach the linking methods that I do and how effective these methods can be. This should be a ongoing discussion for those that participate in the thread.


Internet Marketing Strategy Guide Section 5 - Free SEOd Wordpress

This post will explain to you how to have a complete SEO'd wordpress blog without the need to spend money on useless plugins that claim to make your wordpress blog SEO'd. You will obtain downloads that you can install free in your wordpress along with additional information. This should be a on going discussion for those that participate in the thread.

Internet Marketing Strategy Guide Section 6 - Wordpress Security

Detailed information on how to best secure your wordpress blog without using any plugins. The fact is the less plugins you use for security the better off your blog will be. These are simple security measures that can be applied to new or existing wordpress blogs. Stop wasting money on so called security plugins and secure your wordpress now for FREE!

Full Discussions and Additional Downloads And Goodies

There is more though because the secret forum allows you to start discussions, jump in on discussions, and even download other goodies. Some of these goodies are squeeze pages, wordpress templates, 1,000+ link directories list, cheat sheets, and more.

This is not outdated old rehashed junk like you may find on other sites that resell ebooks. This is a fresh and upto date marketing plan that allows have ongoing discussions. While I know many gurus may charge you an outrageous fee, I feel it would be more benefit to help you by charging a very small amount of only $8.00 a month for full access.

You will not find any other internet marketing strategy guide that would even come remotely close to this offer. You are getting access to 8,000+ words of pure marketing along with open discussions and questions that can be asked and answered live. You are also getting access to the secret forum that contains many goodies which will increase over time.

The Internet Marketing Strategy Guide cost Only $8.00 Get access to an 8,000+ word marketing plan along with live discussions on marketing and with extra bonus downloads! Payments
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4. You may need to logout and back in, once logged in again you will have access to everything.

Disclaimer: There is no promise of any sales, increased rankings, Hits, Traffic, or anything else similar. You must put effort into your marketing and follow proven step by step plans.

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