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    Professional Freelance Ghostwriting Service

    Captivate Your Readers With Content Composed By A Professional Freelance Ghostwriter

    You understand that without well written content, all of the other crucial elements involved in marketing will not produce to the best of their potential.

    For example, if your content is not being indexed and ranked within the search engines, then you are not getting search engine love or traffic.

    Then again, you can have traffic as heavy as rush hour on the freeway, but without original quality content, that traffic will speed away faster than a drag racer at the drag strip and that equates to no conversions.

    No conversions mean all of your other hard work was done in vain. What you need, as Matt Cutts explains in his video describing what Google is looking for, is high quality original content that flows naturally and will give value to your website, not content that has been mirrored on numerous low grade websites across the web or rehashed and poorly composed content. This only leads to poor viewer experience and lack of search engine love.

    What you need is a professional freelance ghostwriter that knows what the search engines are looking for and can work magic with the pen. A wordsmith that will cause your message to captivate, beckon and draw the reader in just as a master artist does with the paints on his canvas.

    Your aim should be to have the search engines desire to showcase your piece just as the renowned museums seek to highlight that artistís work.

    Hi fellow Dominators!

    My name is Terra Kern and I am a professional freelance ghostwriter with over three years experience in writing on the web and even more experience in offline writing.

    I have written in many different areas including the medical, parenting and relationship fields as well as writing scripts for guided imagery CDís, spiritual skits and plays and sermons within the church arena. I have also written childrenís stories, plays and rhymes just to mention a few genres as examples for you.

    My typical rates are $75 per 500+ words. You can see some examples of some of my pieces here: Ghostwriting Sample Articles

    As a Dominatorís Special Discount I am offering my work to you beginning with an 87% savings!

    Now why on earth would I do such a thing? The answer is quite simple, really.

    • Since I havenít written for many of you here, you arenít aware of what I can deliver and this is an opportunity for you to sample my work with very minimal risk on your part
    • In return I'm hoping that you will provide me with an appraisal/testimonial based upon how much you like my work for some social validation of my writing capabilities

    What I am offering is a limited quantity of 500+ word articles for a mere $10 and once those are sold the price will increase, but still with substantial savings for you.

    Once the first 10 9 articles are sold, the price will increase

    As a second package I am offering a limited quantity of 500+ word articles with additional content to implement in your marketing strategy not only for posting on Marketerís Domination using its fantastic tools, but for your own blog posts to continue to give fresh original content for search engines to feed on. You can also re-purpose this content and post extra summaries on social sharing sites for example. All of this for the low price of $17. The extra content consists of:

    ∑ 4 additional titles
    ∑ 4 additional 1 paragraph summaries
    ∑ Additional title with 2 paragraph summary
    ∑ A compelling resource box
    ∑ 2 written comments utilizing your keywords

    Sold Out

    The new price for an article pack is now $20, once these 10 7 are sold, the price will increase.

    And lastly a third package of limited quantity consisting of just the extra content listed above for a mere $7 when you provide the article.

    Once the first 10 packs are sold, the price will increase

    Once you have placed your order, simply send me a pm with your keywords and any instructions you have for me as open communication is vital for customer satisfaction.

    Offer is temporarily closed due to unforeseen circumstances

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    Re: Professional Freelance Ghostwriting Service

    Closed by request of OP!

    Read more on how to Learn Online Marketing and build a business with the ultimate Internet Marketing Strategy Guide

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