The domination special discount forum is for those that have products and services that they would like to offer at a discounted price. You may post a DSD for free as long as the rules below are followed. This is a great opportunity for you to earn extra money so please do not abuse it.

Before posting a DSD you must be a contributing member of this community. This means you have made valuable post that help answers others questions or you have created new informative threads. You are required to have no less than 20 post on the forums.

What special discounts are allowed:

* Products that you have created and own, this can be software, ebooks, courses, graphics and template packages and other similar products.

* Services that you offer such as article writing, video creation, audio production, custom programming and website building, installing websites and blogs and other similar services.

* Free gift offer by Opt-in is only allowed for those that have created ebooks.

What special discounts are NOT allowed:

* Any product or service that is not owned by you and is an affiliate product.

* No Opt-in DSD's will be allowed, this is not a list building site. The only exception to this rule is the one listed above.

What special discounts need approval:

* Any link building services that are offered must be approved by the admin. You must offer your service for free to the admin so your services can be evaluated. Send a PM here

* Any seo services that are offered must be approved by the admin. You must specify in detail exactly what service you offer and how your service works. Send a PM here

No spammy mass profile link building on social sites and so called high pr sites will be tolerated. Many of us know that this type of marketing does not work.

Additional Rules:

* You are not allowed to have running more than 2 domination special discount's at one time. If you have a new product or service you can either combine it with a current DSD or request that one of your DSD's be closed.

* You are not allowed to bump your own thread, if a customer ask a question then you may answer that question, otherwise do not post a reply on your own thread. * All sales copy must be honest and truthful, do not post a DSD that is full of hype and scarcity. State in detailed exactly what your product or service does and does not do. Any misleading DSD's will be closed and your account banned on the forums

* No fake or paid for testimonials are allowed, customers may post a testimonial on your thread but you can not post any in your DSD. No false claims of income or Google page 1 listings re allowed.

* All service related offers must specify an estimated turnaround time. If you are backed up with work then edit your DSD and state this so possible new customers know before ordering.

* All DSD's must provide 2 forms of contact, no exceptions. You must supply a link for your PM on the forum and one other method. This can be email, yahoo, msn, skype, or even your phone number. Buyers must be able to get in contact with you. Any DSD that does not provide 2 types of contact information will be deleted.

Notice to buyers:

* If you purchased a product or service then be respectful to the seller and post a review for others to see. Be very careful though no bashing or out of the way rudeness will be tolerate. If you feel the product or service did not deliver what it claims then work out your issues in private.

* Ask questions before you purchase to be clear on exactly what you are getting. Do not expect miracles or a push button solution because that does not exist. If it is a service such as link building then understand the seller can not promise you any sales or hits or increased rankings.

Disclaimer: This community takes no responsibility for any products or services offered. This section is an extra benefit to the contributing members of this community.

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