Information vs. Lies: How SEO Firms Lead You Astray

Past mistakes can help you improve in life. The problem with some people is that they never learn from their mistakes. Instead, they come up with excuses in order to pass the blame or the buck for that matter. In search engine optimization, the process of ranking pages higher for target keywords is a daunting and highly skilled task. So, Atlanta search engine optimization frauds try to explain away their failures. They might get some success here and there. But, for the most part, they fail. To cover themselves, they tell lies and half-truths. Here are the three lies I hear a lot in SEO and I will never tell my clients.

I cannot promise any results, so let us just do some work and see what happens. Never fall for this lie. Remember, a true professional knows what they are doing. So, if your Atlanta search engine optimization expert is really a pro, they will get you to page one. However, if you are in a competitive industry for online search, it might take a lot more work. A real SEO pro will know that more labor is needed and more time is required. But, they will never tell you that they cannot guarantee some results. In fact, you should ask them to guarantee at least half the keywords will get on page one. Any real SEO expert like Atlanta SEO will get you some results.

Your low page rank is keeping you off page one. Well, that is the most ridiculous statement. That would mean that all page one results should represent high page rank sites. Generally, that is the case. However, I have taken sites with zero or one page rank all the way to the top of page one. I do it all day long. So, I must be dreaming when I say that page rank has little to do with page one rankings. Rather, page rank relates to how Google values the links sent from one page to another. If you have a page with a high rank and link to a page with a lower rank, link juice is sent to the receiving page. Then helps with rankings.

Your site needs to be redesigned and you need more content for Atlanta search engine optimization to work. Well, this is definitely a true-ism. Yes, it will certainly help to design your website for conversions. After all, you are going to spend thousands getting your site on page one. You might want the site to work and look great. Content is also very important. But, your site does not absolutely need more content to rank on Google. Many one or two page sites rank very highly. SEO is multi faceted. You have on-site SEO and off-site. With the right approach, your site can rank on page one for your keyword if you know what you are doing.

Source: Information vs. Lies: How SEO Firms Lead You Astray

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