Which type of ink for printer

It's amazing how cheap ink for printer is nowadays. A few years ago, to get a printer you needed to shell out a huge amount. Everything changes, though. In today's world, you can get a printer for pennies. They're only getting cheaper, too. A lot of printers are shifting to the 3-in-1 model where you get a printer, fax machine, and copy machine all in one.
Printers are selling cheap because the big money is in ink cartridges. Sadly, what you thought was a $50 printer will wind up costing you thousands. Once you start buying printer ink, the manufacturers know they have a loyal customer.

If you want to be free from the brand ink companies, generic ink for printer might offer you a low cost solution. Imagine, you can save up to 80% when you buy generic ink cartridge. What's more, this ink is proven to be high quality. All in all, generic is a great buy. If you do your homework and learn about each generic ink brand, you'll be able to get a great deal on high quality ink.

To save even more money, you could get a ink refill kit. You can do it one of two ways. If you're willing to modify your printer, you can use the continuous ink system. This is great for large volume print jobs. Then you'll just connect the larger tanks to the ink cartridges in your printer.

Alternatively, you can have your ink for printer cartridges refilled in a store. You can probably find one of these stores in your neighborhood. In all reality, though, you'll likely wind up paying as much to have it refilled as you'd pay for a new generic cartridge.

The generic ink cartridges are here to stay because you will save a lot of money both in the short and long term. Just one thing: if you're printing pictures, you might be better off with pigment based inks. Brand name cartridges are, indeed, pigment based but, if you won't be printing pictures, you're paying too much for a luxury you don't need.

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