Save on printer ink cartridge in USA

The trade deficit is worse than it's ever been. When mass production became the norm, this nation claimed the top spot in manufacturing and technology. Unfortunately, along with the gold standard, manufacturing went out the windows decades ago. In the US, manufacturing is out and services are in.
There's great news for the average business person, though. Starting a business has never been easier. All you need to get started is some printer ink and a nice website. Why printer ink cartridge ? Well, you've got to print your Employee Identification Number, sales receipts, and other tax-related documents.

To save money, a lot of businesses depend on the high quality and low cost of generic printer ink cartridge . Here's a bit of trivia for you: the average cartridge of brand printer ink costs double what you'd pay for generic! It's not surprising that people are still buying brand inks, though. Companies like Lexmark and Cannon have spread the propaganda so thick it's disgusting.
Not surprisingly, the lies work. A lot of people refuse to even give generic a chance. Generic inks, as a whole, will not ruin your printer or void the warranty.

Of course, low quality printer ink cartridge will, indeed, do some damage to the sensitive machinery in your printer. If the ink is too thick, it can clog the heads. If it too thin, it can make a terrible mess. If the cartridge is old and poor quality, it may break during use. Fortunately, generic inks are usually high quality. Price is really the only difference between brand ink and their generic counterparts.

You really can't afford to believe the lies brand ink companies are propagating. It should be very clear by now that the brand companies cannot be trusted. They're liars, plain and simple. You really should stop listening to the propaganda. After you witness the quality of generic ink, you'll never want to pay the high price of brand cartridges again. Would you pay double the retail price for a car or a house?
Is it really worth it to pay thirty dollars for brand printer ink when you can get the same quality for half the price? All in all, it's about being charged a fair price for a quality product. Enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing that you made the right decision. You don't only save money when you switch to generic printer ink cartridge , you save your integrity as a consumer.

Source: Save on printer ink cartridge in USA

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