More complicated ink for printer

These days, printers are dirt cheap. They weren't always so cheap. Everything changes, though. You can find a good quality printer for less than fifty Dollars today. With each year that passes, the prices go down. Modern printers are getting more and more complicated, too. No, the economy isn't getting better.
The prices are so darn low because the manufacturers are only interested in getting you addicted to printer ink. Manufacturers barely make money on printer sales. Every time you run out of ink for printer , you'll be making another payment on your printer. Over the life of your printer, manufacturers can make a fortune selling you ink refills.

Generic ink cartridges were designed to offer consumers a low cost alternative. With generic ink, you can say goodbye to high prices. You could save up to 80% when you by non-brand ink. While it may sound too good to be true, this ink has been proven to be high quality. There are still some questionable Chinese and Indian generic ink cartridges on the market but there are many good ones as well. You've got to do your homework to find the best deal, though.

If you get a refill kit, you can save even more money. There's more than one way to do it. You can modify your printer to accept larger cartridges. That's called the continuous ink system. After that, you simply connect the large ink for printer tanks to the smaller ones in your printer. The second method is much easier.
All you have to do is take your ink cartridges to a store and have them refill them for you. These "refill shops" are starting to really catch on. You may be able to find one in your own neighborhood. They'll refill you cartridge but, in all reality, you can probably get a new generic cartridge for the same price.

It true that generic inks are here to stay. After all, they've been saving consumers a bundle for years. The generic ink for printer may not be the answer for printing photographs because the life of dye based inks is not as long as pigment based inks. A lot of brand name inks are pigment based. Consider, though, that if you won't be printing photos, you're paying more than twice the cost you'd pay for generic for a luxury you don't need.

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