A value printer ink cartridge

Our great nation is facing a terrible trade deficit. The industrial revolution in the US brought with it wealth and status. The problem is, we haven't been able to make those claims in years. We've thrown out the idea of making our own products, choosing instead to offer services. That doesn't mean you can't do well as a business person.
Starting a business is no longer a costly endeavor. All you need to get started is some printer ink cartridge and a nice website. Do you really need printer ink? Uncle Sam doesn't like when businesses can't provide receipts and other important tax documents. A printer can help you stay out of trouble.

To save money, a lot of businesses depend on the high quality and low cost of generic printer ink. Want to know something funny? A lot of consumers are overpaying for their printer ink cartridge by buying brand name cartridges. Generic ink is as good as brand, despite what companies like Lexmark and Cannon are saying.
With these kinds of rumors, many have been cajoled into staying with brand ink manufacturer against their will. Generic inks, as a whole, will not ruin your printer or void the warranty.

Of course, low quality ink will, indeed, do some damage to the sensitive machinery in your printer. It's just a fact. Thick ink can clog printer heads. It's got to be thick enough, though. Runny ink can cause a real mess. The cartridge should be well-constructed, too. If it's not, it may break apart and cause a mess.
This kind of poor quality is rare in generic cartridges. With the same quality control measures that companies like Lexmark and Cannon use, generic ink manufacturers turn out a product that is equal in every way to its brand counterpart, except for price.

Don't believe the lies. Like North Korea, these companies use propaganda as a key strategy. Propaganda only works if you let it. After you witness the quality of generic printer ink cartridge , you'll never want to pay the high price of brand cartridges again. Would you pay double the retail price for a car or a house?
Why pay more when you can get it for a better price? When it comes down to it, it's more about paying a fair price than saving money. You can save a bundle on printer ink while telling brand ink companies where they can put their high prices.

Source: A value printer ink cartridge

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