Kulabrands is advertised as not an MLM but they are very much an MLM. While the company is different than most there are 2 facts that remain. 1. You must recruit in order to see decent 'royalties' and 'commissions'. and/or 2. You must spend a lot of money to see royalties (the products are expensive in my opinion).

Just like most MLM's you can make money but it is limited to those that either spent a great amount of money or have huge downlines. Yes you have downlines in Kulabrands. I know many don't want that mentioned but the fact is there are downlines and thus it is an MLM company.

While they claim you can make royalties from 50+ companies, those royalties are more of a joke than anything in my opinion. You must INVEST (I know Kulabrands hates that word but that is in fact what you are doing) in each company and the products they have to see any royalties. You earn nothing unless you buy the products. In other words it is forced buying.

I bought gummies from HealX and my first royalty was 18 cents, 2nd 5 cents, 3rd 3 cents, 4th 5 cents. I was promised 3 sales points for buying the gummies in Nov 2018 and still until I canceled on 4/09/19 I have never seen these sales points. I owned 0.25 points in HealX.

Cords Of Steal I purchased one charger for $22 that gave me a royalty of 17 cents. 5 Months later and still never seen another royalty. I owned 0.50 points in the company.

On 4/09/2019 I officially requested a refund. First they refunded part of my money to an account that did not pay them. 4 days later they refunded the other part of my money to my bank account but refused to give any commissions or royalties I have earned.

Now you can make money in Kulabrands but as I stated you must invest a lot of money or recruit a lot of people. You do have another option and that is their wholesale option. Basically you must invest $600 to buy products which you can resell at about 50% profit. Not all companies in Kulabrands offers the wholesale option. You can make money with this option though but you also must be willing to go out and sell that product.

The major problem with the way this system is setup is that too many people have their hands in the cookie jar - thus why royalties suck! This is the basic breakdown.

1. Company must earn profit
2. Owner must earn profit
3. Kulabrands must be paid by company profits
4. Commissions must be paid
5. Affiliates must be paid
6. Uplines must be paid
7. Last comes the royalties

There are other things involved here such as wholesale options, some company have fundraising options. The more hands in the cookie jar the less money to go around. The first 3 above you better believe make the most money.

Because all these hands must be paid explains why the products in each company Kulabrands has are very expensive.

This post is not to bash the company but to hopefully give people the truth before they make a decision based on 'Limited Information' before you join. As I said you can make money in the company but your best option is really the wholesale (although I personally think $600 is best spent starting your own business).

I have spoken with several that have been in Kulabrands for 2 and 3 years and they are not very happy.

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