Why You Should Have An Online Marketing Funnel

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    Why You Should Have An Online Marketing Funnel

    Funnels are the latest, greatest thing to happen to marketing.

    Or are they?

    The truth is that marketing funnels have been around a long time.

    They just look a lot different and do more things.

    But your funnel doesn't have to be complicated.

    I'm all about easy.
    The easier the better.
    Your funnel should be as easy and simple as you can make it.

    The simplest type of funnel is the opt-in funnel.
    All you need is a page with a good headline and a form for visitors to enter their email address.
    If you offered a bribe to entice an opt-in, you'll add a page for the download.
    If not, you'll have a simple thank-you page.

    That's it.
    Your funnel has done it's job, and you have a new subscriber.

    Funnels can get far more complicated than our example.

    Your best bet is to keep 'em simple at first.
    You'll find lots of ways to make it complicated later

    Until then, start by building your opt-in funnel.
    It's the best place to start.

    Don't know anything about funnels?

    Ask a question!

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