Why email is the most effective form of online marketing

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    Why email is the most effective form of online marketing

    This point has been argued almost as much as long copy vs short.

    The fight is over.

    Email wipes the floor with all other forms of direct response marketing online.


    Because email must be requested.
    That means that someone must want your emails enough to go to the trouble of opting in.
    They have to trust you with their email address.
    And they can unsubscribe with a click.

    Email is personal.
    Every day your subscribers get a private message from you.
    Treat them right, and you'll never have to worry about making sales.

    The inbox has few distractions.
    Unlike social media, there are no ads flashing all over the place.
    There aren't dozens of trolls posting crap to start an argument.
    And there aren't a million links to other people all over the page.

    Everybody sees email.
    If you send an email to someone, it goes through.
    Every time.

    It may end up in the dreaded SPAM folder.
    It might appear in the Promotions tab.
    There are probably a dozen other things that could happen to it.
    But if your subscriber requested it, and they like your emails, they'll look for it.

    There are probably a hundred more reasons, but these are enough.
    Once you have a subscriber, you can build a real relationship with them.
    But you have to be interesting and entertaining.

    That's what this forum is about.
    Writing emails that people love to read and buy from.

    Because as a marketer, that's what you're online to do.

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