Facebook first launched in February 4, 2004 and since then they have created many new features such as facebook groups. With claims of over 3 billion daily active users many marketers assume that facebook is the only place to market ones business. While hat number is hugely exaggerated there is no doubt a lot of activity on facebook. As I have said for years though many are on the social network to play games and spend some time with family they otherwise may not be able to socialize with. Many marketers use facebook groups to do most of their marketing by either joining or creating their own groups. With this though comes several problems because the platform is just simply over saturated with spam and no real content.

Problems with Facebook Groups and Marketing

* The first and most important problem is the fact that none of the groups in facebook can be indexed in Google. Meaning everything you post will never go any further than facebook itself. Having your quality content and links indexed by Google is very important for your business. The groups have come to the point where many just do sales pitches and nothing more. Join my program and they post a pic is pretty much the norm but this is by far from actually marketing your business.

* The next problem is most groups are so over saturated that your post never be seen. When you make a post to a facebook group it is pushed down the news feed of that group extremely fast. Many groups are seeing 20 and 30 post every 30 seconds. This means even for large groups that have 100,000+ members , your post will never be seen but by maybe a few people. Without adding content to your post those few that do see it just usually pass it by and thus why many in network marketing and mlm see no results.

* The amount of spam and scams that are on these groups is massive. The huge amount of spam just distracts people from real quality content and when you share your quality content it gets buried. The root problem here is many are never trained properly or don't want to spend the money to be trained properly on how to market a business. As I said for the most part these post contain little text such as 'join me' and a picture.

* Many use auto posters to spam facebook groups because that is what the marketing books say to do. Yeah I know facebook claims they don't allow auto posting but that's not exactly true. Not to mention you make a post on your own facebook and you can share to these groups without ever visiting the groups. Problem here is these people never view the facebook group they are posting to. If a facebook group has 1,000 members and 900 are auto posting then that leaves very few that actually view post.

There are far better solutions to marketing your business but many are misguided by self proclaimed expert marketers that say you should be on facebook. It is far more effective to actually post real content along with your company information. Doing it this way outside of facebook also allows the search engines to pickup that content and index it. Google alone has over 3 billion searches every single day and by staying on facebook only you certainly are leaving money on the table and hurting your business.

Forum marketing used to be very popular pre-2005 before many of these social media sites came into play. The reason why it was so popular is because it works when it comes to marketing your business. Forum marketing still works till this day but the amount of active users have drastically fallen off due to people being misguided to social media sites such as facebook.

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