With bandwidth and internet hardware getting better livestreaming is starting to make it's climb into the ranks of social media revolution.

Right now on Youtube using free software like Open Broadcaster Software people are getting into the live video game steaming. Also we've seen many uses of facebook live in the news, but it's also part of big campaigns for companies with a budget.

Webinars use to be a big thing, but now people can host webinars using these live features and really present to who ever, granted there is no list feature like some of the webinar software.

I'm seeing a big upward trend for use of live streaming, also there is a few people who are already selling 200 dollar courses for live streaming training. So it's the next online ninja market product.

I've been playing with Youtube live a bit on my Lifeblood Marketing to see how the software works and figure out some problems to solve.

Have you played with or seen any streams yourself from content creators?

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