Businesses come and go all the time and social media sites are not different because they are a business. Over the last 10 years most online marketers have been taught and still do teach that you must do your business on facebook, you must create groups and friend everyone you can on facebook, you must brand yourself (not your business) on facebook and this list goes on and on. Matter fact one post yesterday by a self proclaimed guru (sadly has a huge following) said you must stop posting on your blog and post all your content on facebook - which is the dumbest thing you could do. Remember facebook's history, they did not even exist until 2004. It was myspace that was all the rage before then.

Many social networks have come and gone since facebook made it's first debut but one thing that remains is far too many marketers and business owners are 100% relying on facebook for their traffic, sales and income. There are literally 1000's of different avenues to market your business online as well as many different marketing strategies. While many claim there are 3 billion people on facebook, nothing could be further from the truth - not to mention not everyone is there to do business. Thousands of fake accounts are created every single day and we all know it. Many are on facebook to enjoy time with long distance families and friends, others are on facebook to play games or trying to be famous for 15 minutes.

The mistake many make is following those self proclaimed gurus that say you should focus all your efforts into one place, when you should be very diverse with your marketing strategy. Some even make the excuse that they don't have time, resources, or knowledge on how to attack other marketing methods but keep in mind that these are just excuses and nothing more. Because as humans we naturally feel justified by these excuses our business in the long run suffers and thus does our income. If there are task that should be done for your business and you don't have the time or knowledge then that is when you hire an actual real expert to help with those task.

I know it's extremely difficult to find a real expert because there are so many fake ones that exist these days. Trust me though real experts do exist and they are willing to help your business be successful online. As a business owner you should understand the market you are involved in and know people in the same market. Building relationships with these individuals in your same industry goes a long ways in finding real experts that can help you with your business. I am not referring to customers here, I am referring to like minded individuals that are in the same line of work you are or those that are in the same industry as you.

What Would Happen If Facebook Vanished ?

In my personal opinion, life would go on and another social media site would take it's place at the top of the food chain. This does not mean things everything would remain the same because the fact is much would change. The first thing that would take a very hard hit is many of the businesses that 100% rely upon facebook for it's traffic and income (like the idiot that said you should post all your content on facebook and abandon your blog). While this would have a huge impact in many industries, the blow would be lightened by other social media sites now taking the top ranks as many would be able to move over to those sites. Many though would not be ready or prepared and their businesses would be devastated.

What you do have to ask yourself though is this:

Does your business fully rely upon Facebook for traffic, sales and income ?
Would your business be one of the devastated ones ?
Are you really taking full advantage of other marketing methods for your business ?

As a business owner only you can answer these questions. All I can do is present you with ideas, proven methods, and help lay a path for you to follow.

Remember regardless of what others claim - facebook is only 10% of the Internet. There are so many other ways to market, brand and build your business.

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