Basic Search Engine Optimization

Basic SEO has always been the same and has not changed in 10 years. I realize many claim it has but before following advice from some self proclaimed expert you should test things for yourself. Below are the basic On-Site SEO tactics that you need in order to obtain top search engine rankings.

* Create a title tag for each of your pages
* Create meta description for each of your pages
* Create meta keywords for each of your pages
* Include OG Tags for each of your pages
* Make use of headings such as H1, H2, H3
* Add the title tag to all links and images
* Add the alt tag to all images
* Create high quality content that includes keywords and semantics
* Create proper cross links within your website or blog
* Make sure your blog or website is easy for users to navigate and use
* Make sure your site is mobile friendly

This is the basics that will help you obtain top rankings in Google. Remember though proper keyword research is very important for your SEO and your content. Proper keyword research should also allow you to grab hold of many semantically related words because these must be in your content also.

An example of an SEO'd page can be found at: http://wartune-gameplay.bestgamefaqs...tegy-guide.php - Please note I have not touched this page in 5 years and it is not mobile friendly and it still ranks 4th in Google.

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