Right now there are only 2,620 search results for the key phrase: "Learn to Code Programs".

Now if you type in google, learning programming, you'll find 491,000 results. Most of the pages are asking about which programming languages are "best" to learn. Like asking about which stocks to invest in the answers you find are usually muddy.

I've taken the first step to understanding what programming languages are used for and the topics can become overwhelming.

While using chrome to poke around in the front end of Facebooks login page the phrase "BigPipe" in the code caught my attention. After a quick serach I learned that Facebook is always working to improve the underlying means of how webpages work over the internet. With the goal of less data, more speed in page loads ect.

A lot of pages are bloated with more and more ad serving junk codes and it really slows down how web pages load.

Two resources I've found to learn about speed and the internet are:

Kids and Coding
The top programmers today won't be there forever but will machines replace humans for coding as well? Who knows but as for now if you're looking to improve you mind coding can be great for helping with some logical thinking.

At least I know I'd rather learn how something works instead of always being the consumer of stuff.

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