Watch all your movies and television shows absolutely free with the BTV media box

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Thread: Watch all your movies and television shows absolutely free with the BTV media box

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    Watch all your movies and television shows absolutely free with the BTV media box

    Let me ask you a simple question:

    Who has cable, satellite tv, netflix, hulu, amazon tv, firestick or some of the other ways that will enable you to watch and or download movies/ television shows. Who uses these. How much are you paying per month or per year.

    On average folks who are enjoying this type of entertainment are roughly paying $1200 to $2500 a year for these services/subscription fees. Ridiculous don't you agree.

    Live Streaming TV Online

    Would you like to know how to watch any type of movie (even the most current ones out in theater), recorded tv shows commercial free (including the newest ones that day), live tv shows, live and rebroadcast sports worldwide (including the NFL network), pay per view events all for free, would you? This means you will never ever pay a subscription or any type of fee month after month, year after year.

    Oh there is more, we can help you view and listen to thousands of various music channels, set up your own karaoke at home, play around 200 retro video games (old school mario brothers, donky kong, etc) and even surf the internet right onto your television virus free (now you can have peace of mind knowing that anything you surf won't contact a virus or malware).

    So what is this that offers everything I mentioned.

    It's a live media streaming box called BTV by Legacy direct. BTV is very easy to hook up to any television set (so easy to install) and once it hook up all you need is an internet access (ethernet cable or wireless). After that you just do an easy updater of the box and you are set to watch practically anything on demand. Once you get the box, you will never have to pay ever again in the future for your movie and tv watching entertainment.

    Below I have provided three links about legacy direct BTV to help you make a wise choice:

    Legacy Direct BTV

    Tip This link will explain more about legacy direct BTV, how you can purchase one or more in bulk for yourself, how you can get financing on it if you want to spread out your payments instead of one lump sum, and also how you can become a representative of legacy direct BTV where you will be able to promote btv to others and earn money several different ways as result. People are needing this product because it helps them save over $1200 to $2500 a year on what they normally do every day. Tip

    NOTE This is a btv facebook fanpage. Inside you will get various video demos, important info and other stuff relating to BTV and legacy direct. If you have a facebook acct, be sure to go to this fanpage (once you are on it, please give the fanpage a like). Note

    Information This is where you will hear very informative retail and opportunity calls on BTV. (talks about the opportunity and product). It also includes a testimonial call below that of how folks view the product and what they think. Then you can also watch some demos of the box and see how it works from an observer point of view. Information

    So what are you waiting for, waiting to give your hard earn money to those who provide you your movies and television shows, or instead just get your btv box today and start saving tons of dollars. And if you do decide to become a representation for a one time additional investment of $50 (no monthly autoship) the btv box can eventually pay for itself, and help you earn you a generous part time or full time income on the side.

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