B TV Live Streaming

For those that don't know me I'm Michael Lopez. I'm 31 years I live on staten island I do maintenance work an network marketing on the side. I'm very hardworking and work great with people and i'm known for encouraging and inspiring people. Back in October i bought a BTV media player an even joined the legacy direct team. A Legacy Direct B TV box is a internet smart machine that gives you access to unlimited movies tv shows sports live t.v. games an music.

You get all this streamed to your t.v. for free. My website is here http://mike155.legacy.direct/ So lets compare BTV to cable with BTV you can watch everything on demand commercial free with no monthly fees with cable you have to pay $200 to $300 a month an pay for pay per view events an equipment charges an you will have hundreds of channels an nothing to watch. Netflix, hulu and amazon tv all have monthly fees Legacy Direct B TV does not. Often netflix is missing a few seasons or a few movies btv not missing nothing. Hulu has commercials an Amazon prime will cost you an arm an a leg it's best to just have a btv media player an not pay monthly fees.

Now let's talk about our direct competition I have many friends who do v stream. There box is not bad at all so how do we differ from them. Number one you can lease a Legacy Direct B TV an pay it off slowly can't do that with v stream. Number 2 we have a antenna called B Local that gives you local channels v stream does not have that. We also have Legacy Direct B TV exclusive channels on a a app called px4tv which is cool, The main difference is the people i am great at customer service i will be there for you people. Now the fire stick the fire stick can not handle high speed internet you can't play video games with a fire stick. You must have netflix hulu an amazon subscriptions in order to use fire stick. Paying money every month.

Not cool an for those who have a hacked illegal fire stick you our breaking that law. Lastly there is a opportunity for just $50 you can be on my team. $50 per year you have a chance to earn $150 per sale bonuses and residual income plus team overrides. So now that you have some info we hope you decide to be our customer or one of our business partners thank you very much for reading please go to my site an check it out http://mike155.legacy.direct/

Also you can lease Legacy Direct B TV we have a apply for financing for those that cant afford to pay the one time fee

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