Breast Cancer Research Can Be Promoted By You

Approximately 22.9 percent of all cancers are cancers of the breast and surrounding tissues. While it is more commonly found in women, men can also suffer from this disease. The cancer usually originates in the lobules or milk ducts of breast tissue. When it is caught early, the chances of beating it can be as high as 98%. Unfortunately, if it reaches a more advanced stage, the chance of survival decreases to 23%. It is, therefore, very important to detect this disease before it spreads. These facts, combined with a passion for preventing this devastating disease from overwhelming its sufferers, inspired the creation of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) every October.

It is a simple concept. It is important to inform the public about this disease so that women will detect a problem while it can still be treated. Two day long walks, races, and bike rides raise money all around the world. Unfortunately, researchers have yet to develop a cure. More money, greater public awareness, and more brilliant researchers will be needed if modern science is ever to produce a cure. What this means is that fundraisers should be more interactive. Spin to win
prize wheel fundraising is a great way to raise money for those in your community affected by this disease.

There are only two things you will need to get started with a spin a wheel campaign. First, you will need a spin wheel. They are available in a number of sizes, can be fully customized, and are very effective at injecting fun and interactivity into any fundraising event. If you are careful, you can even get a prize wheel that comes with an interchangeable clicker. That way, you can get a softer clicking sound when using the prize wheel indoors. It is a little tougher to get your hands on the second piece of equipment. You cannot find it in stores and, even if your friend has it, there is no way to borrow it. You have to pull it forth from the depths of your soul. The second piece of equipment, not surprisingly, is compassion.

The Archbishop of the Church of Ireland from 1831, Richard Whatley, said, "A man is called selfish not for pursuing his own good, but for neglecting his neighborhood." In this fast-paced world, most people are so caught up in their own struggles that they find it hard to empathize with someone suffering from cancer. For this reason, potential donors need to be informed about the crisis so many families are facing and encouraged to give all they can to support the cause. You can do just that with spin to win fundraising event. By engaging them in a rewarding activity, you can grab their attention and let them know how much their help is needed. Let them know what tragedy has moved you, personally, to become an avid fundraiser for cancer victims. The most important thing you can tell them is how they can help. Let them know that just one dollar invested in the lives of someone who is suffering with cancer can make the difference between them focusing on fighting for their life or focusing on the daily grind of life's demands. If they just take the time to notice what is going on around them, they will likely devote their time and money to do everything they can.

Source: Breast Cancer Research Can Be Promoted By You

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