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    Why Is Forum Marketing Still Important

    Forum marketing these days seem to be a lost art form. In the last several years with the explosion of social media and especially facebook, there has been many marketing ebooks created. These marketing ebooks are geared towards facebook in particular because many seem to think that is where you make the money. Usually these marketing books try to convince you that there are 300 million people on facebook and you need to be marketing on facebook. Well there are a few problems with this kind of thinking.

    While there may be 300 million users on facebook, you are not targeting all those users. You are only able to reach a small group of those people. You are limited on many things such as how large your friends list can be, how many friend request you can send per day, how many groups you can join in a day and other limits. These limits mean you are only able to reach a small percentage of the users. Those on facebook don't get on every day or stay on all day long and most of the time when you make a post it in a group it goes to the bottom of the file fast. When you make a post on your wall only a small amount of friends see your post because facebook does control your news feed.

    Posting all your valuable content on facebook is a complete waste due to the fact most will not see your content. Nothing wrong with using social media in your marketing, matter fact you should be using it. Spending 10 - 12 hours a day on facebook is costing you to leave money on the table because you have no time to do other marketing as you should. Login facebook make your post, do some replies, respond to any messages and move on to other marketing methods. Many fail because they get trapped into doing one thing thinking if they continue doing it for hours and hours that it will produce results.

    Forum marketing should become part of marketing your business because you have abilities that don't limit your marketing strategies. Many marketing forums give you the ability to have groups, blogs, user profiles, friends, profile messages and more just like social media sites. There are several huge differences with forum marketing vs social media marketing. Forums allow all content to be indexed by search engines and especially Google. Because your content can be indexed and any links in your content are picked up, your website(s) you link to get an increase in search engine rankings.

    Another difference is the fact that your post and content does not gat slapped to the bottom of the pile where nobody will ever see it. There are no news feeds that get controlled by the forum and as such the content you post will be seen by users. Because you content is seen you will obtain more engagement and more visits to the websites you are linking to which thus turns into more leads, more customers and more sales. Forum marketing is a lost art form that should be part of your marketing for the simple fact that you can gain more exposure for you and your business.

    Additional benefits of using forums for part of your marketing are the many different options that forums have. Some of these options include the following:

    Create A Catchy Signature

    The most common feature to look at is your signature for the marketing forum. Many people within the internet marketing niche will have products or services available or an opportunity for their multi-level marketing company. However, your site or the products / services you sell don't need to be about marketing to be effective in the marketing forums. Check out the rules of the marketing forum to make sure links are allowed to added. See if affiliate links or redirects are permitted as some forums do not allow these type of links. Many people fail to do this out of fearing the competition or the competition will know what keywords they use. However, you can get some sales doing this, as well as building links to your site to help increase your search rankings.

    Leverage the Profile's Power

    One of the least used features of forums is your user profile page which is very similar to social media sites. You can fill out a full profile, build some links, and easily get it ranking for your name in search engines. Most forums will allow you to link to your site through your profile which is where you should add your main domain. This way, you can direct traffic to your website, and get easy rankings for your name, business and/or opportunity in search engines. Explore your user profiles, and see what you are allowed to add. Check to see if they allow full editing, or just plain text. This can be crucial to how your profile looks to all of the people that will be accessing your forum profile.

    Feel the Strength of the Blogs

    Take a look around and see if there are blogs available for members to create and post on. These days, it is normal for many forums to have members personal blogs available. If the internet marketing forums you are on don't have blogs yet, it is time to start shopping for one that does. These blogs carry the full weight and power of the forum behind them which means your content that is posted on these blogs become more important to the search engines. This will give you a better chance at ranking well in the search engines and especially Google. You would be crazy not to take advantage of all the traffic you could be getting.

    #forummarketing #forumbacklinks #searchrankings


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    Re: Why Is Forum Marketing Still Important

    If you are working online then you have probably stumbled onto a few of the many internet marketing forums. There are many out there that you can use to build your business. however, not all forums are the same. You need to know how to tell which ones are right for you. Different forums offer different features and benefits to help you with your business. Take some time and learn all that you can about the different tools that you need to look for in a forum. This will help you to succeed, rather than ripping your hair out in frustration.

    I personally prefer Marketers Domination because I know I get proper marketing advice

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    Re: Why Is Forum Marketing Still Important

    Take the time to contribute, learn, share, make friends, and be social - after- all this is a social platform. Make sure you fill out your profile and add information about yourself and add a pic for god sake, people like to see who they are talking to.

    By contributing to the forum you will see a much greater reward as it will help people get to know you and trust you. When this happens then they will be more opt to do business with you.

    Marketers Domination is great for giving out excellent marketing tips. There is an entire forum marketing tips video series too.

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