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    email list purchase

    SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the lifeline for some Internet marketers and sends chills down the spines of others.

    Here is the important question though. Is it important to understand how SEO works or not?
    Search engine optimization can be broken down into two primary levels of importance. One is on page optimization and email list purchase the other is off the page optimization.
    Both start with understanding what keywords people are searching for. When you are in a targeted niche you want to rank as high as you can on a search engine as possible.

    Because Google gets more search engine traffic then all of the other search engines put together we will focus primarily on it. If somebody does a keyword search on Google they are going to return results based on that keyword phrase.
    Across the top of the page and down the right hand side are ads where businesses are paying Google for that ranking. When you click on those ads that business gets build for the click.

    You can do paid advertising on Google Adwords if you choose. However, what many Internet marketers try to do is rank in the organic search results. You see those going down the left hand side of the page.
    You can earn those rankings based on things you do away from your site to bump yourself up in the Google search engine. This is done primarily through backlinking and hyperlinking keyword phrases.

    On page optimization is where you set your pages up correctly in the meta tags and on the page itself. You want to focus on one specific keyword phrase per page. Give yourself a boost by bolding those keyword phrases and including them in headline tags.
    Successful Internet marketers know that ranking on Google for a high volume keyword is worth thousands of visitors per month in free traffic. So from this standpoint it is important to know what search engine optimization is.

    You can hire a search engine optimization expert to handle this for you. It is not really important to you how they go about getting you the results as long as those results are bringing you in enough business to cover their fees.
    If you are not going to worry about search engine optimization and do other forms of Internet marketing such as social networking on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, then SEO won't be as important to you as well. Even when doing email marketing you do not much care about SEO and keywords.

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    Re: email list purchase

    Really ? Well thanks for sharing but your links don't work here. Maybe you should upgrade your account.

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    Re: email list purchase

    I think you must build your list of email yourselft.

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