Marketing Tips: Entertain With Prize Wheels

Some say time is running out for traditional radio stations.
Internet broadcasting and television are taking their toll on the radio
industry. Still, the radio is the first choice for many for entertainment on
long commutes and for the latest emergency news. Part of the reason this relic
of mass communication continues to succeed is the inherent need for a broad,
easily accessible alert system. Interactive advertising campaigns also play a
part in radio's continued success. While they know their services are valuable,
they also know that business will suffer if they avoid the limelight. To make
themselves known, they often host spin to win campaigns and make very visible
donations to local charities.

Businesses in every industry can learn a thing or two from
these interactive marketing campaigns. Once the prize wheels are bought and prize
games are selected, a small business doesn't need to spend more money. A prize
wheel marketing campaign can be run with little or no financial investment. If
you plan to customize it yourself, there are free templates available for download
that make the whole process simple. Location is everything. After the wheel has
been customized, find a location to hold the event at. For bowling alleys,
small grocery stores, and electronic repair shops, the parking lot would serve
the purpose well.
There's no need
to act like you're having fun to attract potential customers. Chances are, you
will be having a great time. In the past, prize wheels were used primarily
at amusement parks and county fairs to give contestants a chance to win a
prize. Since there's always a chance to win, it isn't surprising that few can
turn down the opportunity to spin the wheel. Passersby will be attracted by
more than just the chance to win a prize. Since sound is so important to every
aspect of human experience, many spin wheels use a clicker to intensify the
fun. Brightly colored prize cards also create a visually stimulating effect.
Using brightly colored prize cards helps draw attention to the event,
attracting potential customers in the process.

Nonprofits, too, could enjoy success with a spin to win
campaign. Charitable organizations have also used prize wheels to create
carnival-themed outdoor events that raised public awareness and helped bring in
important donation dollars. If you can, take out an advertisement through the
local media featuring a photo or drawing of the spin wheel to generate interest
and ensure the success of the event. There aren't many marketing tools as
versatile or effective as the prize wheel. From creative marketing campaigns to
company parties, the wheel of fortune can make a success of any event.

Source: Marketing Tips: Entertain With Prize Wheels

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