Unbelievable! Legs found in Pool...

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Thread: Unbelievable! Legs found in Pool...

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    Unbelievable! Legs found in Pool...

    It was reported today on a viral Washington Post facebook post that "Legs found floating in pool after man jumps in..."

    The details were not clear as to where the legs went or what happened but one thing is clear is that this viral image is attracting a lot of attention!


    If you arrived here as a result of that post, then you have followed through with what marketing strategists call "Link-Bait"linkbait1.jpg

    Link Bait is a HIGHLY effective traffic method to get people to come to a site and read something which they feel is important, examples of link bait are prevalent on most every news site online; you've seen them, ancestry. com uses phrases such as "You'll never believe who George Clooney's great Uncle is..." and recently I saw this on Fox News website "Here's why you should stop googling names" and the link goes to a site that sells background information on a person.

    Creating a sense of urgency or curiosity is the basis for a proper link bait tactic.

    So, How Does this Help me Make Money?

    Easy, increasing your social awareness of your product with a little humor, a little seriousness and a little link bait. Properly utilizing a link bait technique could bring you more customers and heightened awareness to your product.

    If you have a product that you are trying to promote, then link baiting may be an effective solution to improve traffic.
    Before you go running off to find a cool pic and some phony story to tell, read what not to do. Following a good protocol in link baiting can actually help you get customers.

    It may require a little creativity and some serious thought to make your link bait technique work, but in the long run doing it properly will result in success.

    What NOT To Do

    Do NOT LIE!
    I see tons of people showing pictures of wads of money and how they make millions, even faking their paypal account balances, to show people that they are wildly successful in their ventures. Well guess what, most people are born skeptics and rarely believe that what you are showing them is true.
    Now if they do not believe your money pics, do you think they are going to believe your pitch?
    Credibility is vital to success.

    Be Creative:
    Take the product you are using and be a little creative with it in a way that reflects you and your business in a good light.
    Lets say you have a weight loss product, instead of showing a before and after picture of what most likely is fake (I saw one the other day in which the before picture of the young lady was clearly 5 years younger than the after picture LOL) So All I could deduce is that it takes 5 years to lose 20 pounds or the weight loss product ages you dramatically!

    Try this:

    Create an image with two women and ask the question; Can you guess which one of these women lost the most weight? then link to your site with an explanation of the women and a pitch for your product.

    Or, if you have a make-up product, use "Which one of these ladies is younger? Can you pick the right one?"
    With a photo of two women one wearing your makeup product and one not.

    Kinda gets the curiosity of the audience doesn't it?

    The bottom line is that link-baiting is a hugely successful way to get people to your site, however, dishonest and fake will turn them on you quickly, while creative, open honesty and a soft sell will make them customers.

    Need more help on creating the perfect link bait idea or have comments? Feel free to leave a post below with your ideas and I will gladly help you in your endeavor!

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    Theo Winslow

    Re: Unbelievable! Legs found in Pool...

    Great marketing strategy!

    Read more on how to Learn Online Marketing and build a business with the ultimate Internet Marketing Strategy Guide

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