One of the best ways to generate more traffic to your brand, business or name is with a feeder site. A feeder site is an additional standalone webpage designed to attract your best customer: Search Engines.

Keep in mind a feeder site is not a duplicate of your original webpage, but something totally different with its own theme and feel. Also SEO techniques not taken advantage in your original page can be used on the feeder site making it a great asset. If you are not familiar with SEO, please contact iBrandwebsite; its an online firm designed to help small business owners and business professionals with SEO and webpage creation. Here are a couple examples of what you can do with a feeder site.

Under your "About Me" section on your webpage, your self description was brief and keyword heavy. But on your feeder site you can loosen the reins and even use other keywords to gain attention from other areas on the internet.

Another benefit of your feeder site is the the minimizing of memory on your main page. Lets say your a model with a ton of photos. You cannot post all the photos on your main webpage because that will slow down the page because of the memory usage, causing a lost of interest in anyone trying to find you and make contact. To alleviate that issue you can post photos that did not make it to your main page to the feeder site. Even further you can have your feeder page change with the seasons. Models with a portfolio showing all avenues of work, can have a feeder site designed for the upcoming the fall season. This fall seasoned feeder site will have only fall related photos, video and content: without blowing up or redesigning your main page.

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