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While printer manufacturers have actually produced three major types of printers, the Inkjet is, by far, the most popular. Despite their low cost, they are able to consistently offer great printouts. While earlier versions were a bit noisy and difficult to use, modern Inkjets have come a long way. Pretty much every major printer manufacturer makes its own unique kind of inkjet printer ink.
Every single ink for printer cartridge is designed for a specific application. They are also trademarked so that they can only be used with specific printers. Pretty much everyone knows how expensive brand name ink cartridges are. There's hope for those who want to save money on printer ink, though. Generic companies produce the very same high quality ink cartridges to work in your printer.
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Take printer ink and compare it to other liquids available on the market. You'll soon realize exactly how expensive printer ink really is. It makes sense, then, that consumers are actively looking for ways to save money when they replace their ink cartridges.
Possibly the most logical choice, generic cartridges can save you a ton of money on each and every ink cartridge replacement. You should try to find a ink for printer that resists fading and doesn't smudge when exposed to high moisture. Furthermore the ink should dry quickly, and still give well-defined print quality.

More importantly, you need to consider the cost of a printer ink. It goes without saying that brand name printer ink is not cheap. The reason brand inks are so expensive is because they have to make up for the money they lost selling the printer. You see, the biggest part of their income comes from printer ink, not the printers themselves. Originally, printers were black and white.
Ink was so cheap that there was no worry of paying too much for printer cartridges. When printers became multi-color with all kinds of added features, the cost of printer ink started to climb. Hence, the increase of substitute replacements for any Original brand cartridges. Thanks to generic companies, though, you can get lower cost ink for printer cartridges.

Today, inkjet printers are capable of printing in monochrome or full color. Even though printer ink is readily available, the cost remains high. This is in direct opposition to the law of supply and demand. When the supply is plentiful, the cost should go down. Black ink still costs around thirty bucks for a single cartridge.
The days of running out to the store for replacement printer ink are over. If you connect to the World Wide Web, you'll have access to thousands of sites that offer great ink at great prices. How would you like to save 80% on your next cartridge of printer ink?

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