In the latest update Tynon has released the Casino which is a side game of chance that could give you some amazing rewards. The casino offers players the ability to spin the wheel in the hopes of landing on great rewards and prizes. There are a total of 16 spots that you can land on when you spin the wheel, each spot offering a different prize from reward chests to gold coins to gems and even leader cards. In order to play in the casino you need to obtain 100 chips, currently the only way to get 100 chips is by buying them for 20 gems from the casino. Clicking on the redeem link will allow you to purchase these chips.

There is no auto reload for the casino at this time but it will reload when you play the casino or when you log out, restart your browser and sign back in to Tynon. While there have been a few players claiming the Casino is rigged, this is really not the case. Using a good Tynon Strategy to play the casino will give you the best chance of getting the rewards you want. As you can see in the screenshot below - out of 140 gems spent the rewards have been well worth it. This was done on an account that had the gems to waste to test out the casino and see what rewards will be given. The screenshots show a lv 10 Emerald, 10 medals, 100 gems, 10 million credits, 10 million credits and a double play with 2 million coins and a chest.

The trick here is to watch what is offered in the casino and avoid as many chests as possible to obtain the best rewards. If you see the casino loaded with 5 or 6 chests then your odds of getting 1,000 gems, leader cards, or other high end prizes will be reduced. If this is the case then restart your browser and login to Tynon again to see if the prizes have changed. In some cases you may need to clear your cache.

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