Tynon Strategy Tips Battle Revenges

In Tynon you have the ability to do revenges against other players that have attacked you in the wild. While many gamers will try to instantly attack back (revenge) this is not always the best strategy. Saving your revenges for the right time will net you the most gold coins and credits. There are several ways to tell if a player has coins and credits that you can loot through revenges:

* Waiting until the world boss fight is over
* Watching the seas to see if the player has finished 3 or 4 sails in a row
* If you know when the user is online wait a few hours after they signed in

On Mondays Tynon has an event called Melee Monday which grants you double the rewards, saving your revenges for Monday is an excellent way to net the most coins and credits. There are some players that hoarde huge amounts of coins and credits because they either don't have the time to spend it or they don't know how to spend it. These type of players should be considered your personal bank vault because they will help you build up your runes, blacksmith, and talents greatly.

After revenging another player for millions in coins and credits, start spending them on upgrading your weapons, armors and take a trip to the rune temple to upgrade your runes. This way if the other player that you revenged tells his/her guild that you stole x amount from them, you will have it spent before they can get it back. In the screenshots below I revenged Xerian and Demetra for an easy 17 million coins and 10 million credits, these coins and credits were spent in less than 15 minutes on upgrades - as a matter of fact it helped me get a level 11 rune

Start applying Tynon Strategies to help you advance in the game - Play smart and not with your ego!

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