Tynon Bosses Walkthrough

There are many boss fights in tynon through the normal quests and through heroic helm. These boss fights in the beginning of the game are not that difficult but do become harder as you grow in level. The bosses in heroic realm are the same bosses you will face during your quests with the difference of them being more powerful in heroic realm. The heroic realm is split up into different sections with each section having a total of 4 bosses (cursed highland starts with 5 bosses and molten abyss starts with 6 bosses) and each set of these bosses being more powerful than the previous.

The Heoric Realm

The below will show you the current section and bosses that are in the heroic realm.

Dusk Woods
* Abomination
* Tracker
* The Horseman
* Plaguebringer

Golden Woods
* Patch
* The Envoy
* The Reanimated
* Dark Alchemist

Cursed Highland
* The Mayor
* Horseman Captain
* Skeleton Champion
* Plague Professor
* Plague Lord

The Cursed Highland
* Molten Cerberus
* Senator Fusus
* Molten Golem
* Baron Fuego
* The Envoy

* Inferno Cerberus
* Baron Metus
* Inferno
* Minister Lascivius
* Firelord Ignis

For many of the bosses in the first few sections you can use the formation 2 - 0 - 3. This is 2 heros on top and 3 on bottom. This is mainly done because most bosses in the beginning of heroic real are in the center while their minions are on top and bottom. Taking out the minions first will help you defeat bosses that are 2 and 3 times your power.

To see advanced formations for many of the bosses in tynon, join our private forum.

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