The Tynon arena has several interesting parts to it that makes it different than other online browser based games of this type. You still have the normal player vs player fights but with two interesting twist. Each player in the arena has reward stakes that respawn every 30 minutes. These stakes can be gems, coins, credits, experience points, chest, and even leader cards.

When you battle a player in the arena that has reward stakes and you win, you will take claim of these stakes. Waiting for the timer to tick down to 0:00 and you claim the stakes but you only get half unless it is a chest or leader card, then you get the full stake. Because the arena is one of the places where you can obtain a large amount of resources, you want to open up three more slots on the stakes holder. This way you have 5 total slots open and can hold more stakes which means you can battle 4 or 5 players every 30 minutes.

This will not only help you obtain more resources faster but also help you get more reputation faster because you are fighting 4 or 5 players in a row. With each battle you will earn reputation and this reputation can be used to increase your title rank. Building up your reputation is an important part of building a strong hero. The higher the reputation the higher rewards you get and extra bonuses such as increased health. Work on doing as many arena fights as you can every day to help increase your reputation and your rewards.

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