Tynon Runes are one most effective ways you can boost the strength of your game character. While many focus on their "hero", this is not always the best way to become truly strong in tynon. Working on your runes is a very important part of your over-all stats and thus your over-all strength / defense. The tynon rune system works very much like many other systems of this nature (such as wartune astrals). The system works on a random numbers generator and has no real pattern set in place (this helps keep the game cheat people at bay).

There are 5 different rune keepers in the run temple and each one will give you different runes. The first 3 will mainly give you green, blue, or red skulls while the other 2 advanced rune keepers normally give you advanced runes or shards. The runes effectiveness are broken down in color with blue being the weakest and yellow being the strongest (you can tell the colors by the text color on the runes).

Strength Of Tynon Runes

1. Blue
2. Green
3. Pink
4. Yellow

The red runes are of no use and can only be sold back for 2,800 coins. You can obtain rune shards normally by the advanced rune keepers and can redeem these shards for higher level runes that you can't seem to capture. A list of all runes are on the redeem page which you can get to from your rune panel. The runes in tynon are stackable so you can increase the strength or power of those runes. Be very careful when you combine runes though because you could lose the one you wanted. Always pay close attention to what rune is adsorbed when combining runes.

The rune system in tynon does differ from other similar system in that you will not be selling runes back (unless they are red). If you are used to wartune, you know the best way to capture astrals is by selling back white and green astrals - THIS DONT WORK ON TYNON RUNES! Don't waste your coins doing this because you will go through a vast amount of coins fast. Instead of selling just use those runes to combine to make stronger runes.

You can use the auto prayer or manual one by one approach, either way you end up with the same results. The only time I use manual is when the last 2 rune keepers are highlighted because you will have a better chance at more powerful runes by doing them manually. While there is no real cheats or secrets to obtaining runes you can play smart and obtain the runes you want. As with most games planning a strategy and using your skills is how you actually beat the game.

When you first start out in Tynon you will need to get some of the lower end runes, this is fine because you can build up from there. Make sure all your troops have runes, do not do anything else until you have at least 1 rune on each troop and yourself. It can be a cheap rune and does not have to be powerful, you can build up and obtain more powerful ones as you go. For mages get at least a magic attack rune which would be trance, mountain and guild master runes are good for your physical attackers for now.

Build these runes up to lv 3 or 4 and continue working on your quest and other duties that you need to do. Get into the run temple every so often when you get some extra coins and build up your runes slowly. There is no race, take your time and build up everything over-time. Before you know it you will be a higher level and start to get better runes which you can then swap out. Save all your rune shards to obtain yellow runes, do not bother wasting them on pink runes.

When you start to get up in higher levels (lv 50 and 60) and you have your weapons and armor upgraded then you can focus more on runes and start building them up to lv 6 and 7. Always making sure that you are constantly and slowly building these runes you want to make sure that you also save some of the higher runes for when you can open up another slot.

What Tynon Runes Are Good For What Character

This is a question that many seem to ask because most never actually build their runes properly. Your tanks (Alexa, Calvin, and etc) should be built up with attacking power and defense both. These are tanks and as such they should protect you from on coming attacks. Having defenses built up will give your main character and mages the ability to do power attacks. Because everyone has a different fighting style and character build, there is no 1 set perfect rune structure. The below is a base that you can go by to help you get started on the right path.

Mages - Hit Rating, Break, Magic Attack, Health
Tanks - Skill Attack, Physical Attack, Defense, Health, Morale
Main Character - Physical Attack, Critical, Skill Attack, Health, Morale

Remember that this is just a base and not a perfect rune setup, these are some of the most important runes that you need to use.

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