For all of our dedicated guild members, we have created a private forum where members can discuss non-public strategies and discover some secret strategies that have been tested and proven to work. Not everyone can access this private forum though because we want to reward those guild members that are active.

How do you become an active guild member ? The answer is simple, you must follow the guidelines below and once you meet these guidelines you can request access to the private forum.

Active Members Requirements:

* Online at least 4 days a week and contributing to the guild
* Help other guild members and work together
* Participate in at least 2 Guild Battles
* Participate in guild chat with other members

Basically the bottom line here is if you are a member of Rise Of Hope and we do not know who you are, then you are not very active. If you have met the above requirements then you may PM me in the tynon game (Nikki) or PM me here to request access. You must first register an account with this forum using your Tynon name.

Rise Of Hope Guild is located on Tynon s45 server in the water realm, to find out more about the guild please visit our strategy site - Tynon Strategy Guide

Please Note! Forum register has been disabled, if you would like to become a part of this forum you will need to contact Nikki by private message inside the tynon game.

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