Obtaining more wartune crypt tokens is not that difficult if you follow along with a simple strategy. Keep in mind that no matter what you do it will take time to save many crypt tokens for those high level 60 rings and jewelry and even the crypt mount. Once you have got through or even past level 50 in the forgotten catacombs, then you will want to start using crypt keys.

If you followed advice by bestgamefaqs.com then you would know to save all crypt keys until you do reach at least level 50. You can start using your crypt keys with will give you double rewards and that includes double crypt tokens. Every day you login to wartune you should blitz the catacombs with your crypt key. Doing this for a few weeks and you will be surprised at how many crypt tokens you have. When you feel you can get further in the catacombs then you should go in manually and pass your current level.

Wheny ou have past your current level then go back to blitzing for another week or so. Repeat this same process over and over and before you know it, you will be on level 100 of the wartune crypt. Bltzing all 100 levels will give you 168 crypt tokens when using a key, going in after blitz to finish level 100 will give you an additional 22 crypt tokens.

If you have vip another way to obtain crypt tokens is through the vip wheel. What you would do is reload the vip wheel until you see 30 or 40 crypt tokens. For most that do vip wheel for about a month or so, they can pretty much tell what they are going to get. If you are new then you want to make sure that no hp potions, no shadow crystals, and no luck stones show. If you can reload the wheel and it shows none of these but does show crypt tokens then you have a good chance at getting those tokens.

This is not easy to do and you may have to reload the vip wheel 10 or 20 times before you see the crypt tokens you want without the items above showing. Follow these simple tips and you will obtain more wartune crypt tokens. For more proven and time tested wartune strategy see our Wartune Players Guide From LuLu Publishing

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