As a guild master you have a good bit of responsibility to keep your guild members happy by making sure different personalities don't clash, giving your members the upgrades they want, setting up battle plans, and more.

It's not an easy task for a guild master to handle, especially when you have a top ranked guild with 50 or 60 seriously active players. Some of these responsibilities can be handed off to asst guild masters. For example one asst is responsible for creating battle plans for GB, another can be responsible for helping new members, and etc.

If you have a guild that you feel is not as active as it should be then follow some of the tips below to help get your guild more active.

* Hold monthly contest for active players and reward them

ie: ask you members to post on a forum about their best wartune story and choose 1 or 2 winners that post the best story. The prizes could be 500 free balens or 3 free socketing rods.

* Create a forum for your guild where you all can go and talk strategy, discuss how to improve your characters, and setup schedules for running HOH.

ie: Guild masters you can create your own forum here - Guild Master Forums

* Offer members a way to earn guild officer or asst guild master positions.

ie: You see a member on a good bit and helping other lower level members all the time. This same member contributes over 1 mill in gold every day.

* Promote your guild on twitter and facebook and ask your friends to join.

As a guild master there are many things you can do to get your current members more active and get new active members. You do not have to be confined to only posting that recruit link 5 times a day or sending PM's to other players to join your guild.

This is the internet after-all and your options are only limited by your imagination.

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