Okay everything goes like this.

I started playing on s29 almost 4 weeks now or i say less than a month since the day i played in this server with invitation of my real life friend Buotan or BuotanManKo. He help me out to do levels and do my HoH and he invited me to join him in the Guild where he was, that was the Xcution Guild. And so, without any doubts i joined the Xcution Guild and i loved the guild, my guild mates are really good they're willing to help out the low levels (and that's what really guild all about).

And i so happy to be a member of Xcution. People are cool but sometimes there are some misunderstandings But its all okay, it is a part of a Guild. But unliked the guild out there in s29 that they so stupid (you know who are they)

And lastly why i loved this game, is the challenge on getting a level up once you are in mid high level (level 40+). And the challenge to fight other players in Arena and to fight other players in other servers in Battleground, and just today my last entering battleground i can't stop laughing to my character, I've been dominating on the ground even though i'm that kind of strong enough to fight on the ground....ROFL...LMAO....first time happens to me....

i think that's all for now LOL

Xcution Rules

\m/ winstOn \m/

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