In the wartune astral system there is a red astral known as the Emergine Astral. Do not confuse this with the new red astrals that wartune is about to release (as of the date of this post red astrals have not been introduced yet). The Emergine Astral can be a very helpful astral if you are wanting to level out an astral and are short on gold.

When capturing astrals you gain star points for use in the astral shop. These star points can be exchanged for purple (sometimes referred to as pink) and orange (sometimes referred to as gold) astrals. There is also a red astral known as the emergine astral which can be purchased for 1000 star points. The wartune emergine astral will add 500 experience points to any astral you synthesize it with.

So if you need 500 more points for your next level and you are short on gold, you can buy the emrgine astral to help level out that astral. Just as a FYI here: It takes approx 7 million gold to get 7,000 star points which is currently what orange astrals cost. This is an approx because it depends upon how many points you obtain for each astral capture. With this knowledge though you can estimate that each emergine astral will cost you approx 1 million wartune gold.

Be careful and make sure not to spend too many star points on many emergine astrals because you may need or want that orange astral that you can't seem to capture. Buying the emergine astral should only be done when it is a must.

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