Wartune astrals help increase your stats and your fighting abilities when facing opponents. Capturing the right astrals and using them for your character will be the most beneficial to your character. While capturing atrals in wartune you have the ability to synthesize them together to build more effective astrals.

Because you have the ability to synthesize these astrals you want to make sure that you do not lose any good astrals you are saving. Locking astrals in wartune is very beneficial to you for several reasons. One of the most important reasons is that when an astral is locked it can't be synthesized automatically. Only way to synthesize a locked astral is for you to manually pick it up and drop it on another astral.

I have heard many people complain about losing astrals because they was not locked and they clicked on the synthesize all button. Locking the astral will help remind you that you are saving the astral for later use or when a new astral slot opens up on your character.

Play it safe and lock any and all wartune astral that you want to keep. This is especially true for the hard to obtain astrals such as orange astrals (some refer to these as gold astrals). Because these astrals are the strongest and hardest to capture you want to make sure you protect them.

Learn more about Wartune Astrals - The astral strategy guide will help you get started on using the astral capture system and and how you can take the most advantage of it to make your game character strong in Wartune.

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