In Wartune, players take on the role of a knight, mage, or archer to progress through a fantasy-based RPG plotline, while constructing and maintaining a thriving city and participating in dozens of daily quests and events. With thousand-person boss battles, city-building, PvP battle grounds and arenas, stunning graphics, a fascinating storyline, angels, demons, monsters, and farming, Wartune is bound to entertain both the casual and hardcore gamer alike.

Starting in wartune is very simple but there are some things you should be aware of before you try to get stronger than other players. When you first start out you are given many gifts and you can rapidly level up to level 12 pretty fast. Some of these gifts include socketing rods and crypt keys, while these are very tempting to use so you can get stronger fast, it's not in your best interest to use them.

Socketing Rods - Which are used to open up additional sockets in your wartune gear, should be saved until you reach levels of 40+. The reason for this is simple - as soon as you get to level 30 and put on that new gear and use your socketing rods, you will end up needing to do it all over again with new gear that is a higher level. It is for this reason you should save those socketing rods for higher levels to begin with.

Crypt Keys - These are used in the wartune forgotten catacombs which allows you to gain double the rewards. While you are getting double experience and double runes or gems, you are not getting the full benefit of the crypt keys by using them too early. Save your crypt keys until you can reach level 40 - 50 in the catacombs, this way you will be able to gain more rewards.

Always keep in mind your higher levels because with higher levels things will get more difficult and using things such as socketing rods and crypt keys in those higher levels will give you a great deal more benefits.

Learn more great tips by joining the wartune guilds that have experienced players willing to help you.

s10 server TheLeague Guild - Guild Master xsnxsn
s29 server Divinity Guild - Guild Master Tiffany

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